ETTU | 11 Jun 2024

Member Associations showed strong interest in hosting ETTU future events

ETTU is pleased to announce that member Associations have shown great interest in hosting future ETTU events. For 11 events, ETTU received 34 applications from 13 different Associations. The European Under 13 Championships and the European Under 21 Championships received the most applications, highlighting the positive reception of ETTU's investment in these categories among the member associations.

"I am delighted with the reaction of our member Associations after we opened the bids for the 2026 and 2027 events. This means that the process we are using now is transparent, simple, and clear to everybody, and that all the associations had the chance to host our ETTU events. I wish to congratulate all the member associations which presented their bids. I feel now that the ETTU Executive Board has a huge responsibility to select the best bids and hosts in order to maintain the high level of ETTU events we have demonstrated over the past couple of years," said ETTU Acting President Pedro MOURA.

ETTU Acting Deputy President Heike AHLERT expressed her satisfaction with the level of interest:

"As an Executive Board member responsible for ETTU events, I am very happy to see that we have received so many applications from all over Europe for the events in 2026-2027. A few years ago, we had to approach Associations and ask if they would be willing to host an event, but that has changed completely. Now, an average of  three Associations apply for each event. I find it very pleasing that even five Associations have applied for our European Championships Under 21 and Under 13. From the ETTU's point of view, it is absolutely positive that these two events have been so well received."

Acting Deputy President AHLERT also reminded us that the European Under 21 Championships started in 2015 and the European Under 13 Championships began only in 2022 as a challenge event.

“There is a lot of work ahead for the ETTU to find the best host in each case. The quality of the events has become more and more professional in recent years, and I am sure that will be no different for the events already awarded in 2025 and those to be awarded in 2026-27.”

The European Teams Championships Stage 1 in 2027, European Teams Championships Final Stage in 2027, European U21 Championships in 2026 and 2027, European Youth Championships in 2026 and 2027, European U13 Championships in 2026 and 2027, Europe Youth Top 10 in 2026 and 2027, and European Veterans Championships in 2027 all received multiple applications, with some events receiving applications from up to five Associations.

Inspections will be conducted in summer for 2026 events and in winter for 2027 events.