Champions League Men | 24 Oct 2023

1 FC Saarbrücken TT e.V. off to a strong start

The reigning champions, 1. FC Saarbrücken TT e.V., began the season in the Champions League with a victory. In three matches, they conceded only one game to Tesla Batteries Havirov, and the German team won their first match of Stage two in Group A.

Romania's Eduard IONESCU, who recently joined the club from CSA Steaua Bucuresti, was pleased with his debut in the Champions League.

"It was a pretty good start for us. I was a little nervous at the beginning because it was my first match in the Champions League for Saarbrücken. I am very happy that I won my match, and all of us displayed a good game," said IONESCU.

Similarly, Cedric MEISSNER was delighted with the strong start to the Champions League season.

"It was also my very first Champions League match. I struggled a bit with my performance last week, but today everything worked well. I managed to play consistently and won my individual match relatively easily," said Cedric MEISSNER. "We have some tough matches ahead, including a second leg against the Czech team and a duel against French AS Pontoise Cergy, which will be more challenging. In the end, we hope to reach the Final 4 and defend our Champions League title."

Group A

1. FC Saarbrücken TT e.V. - Tesla Batteries Havirov 3-0

Eduard IONESCU – Adam STALZER 3-0 (12-10, 11-8, 11-5)

Yuto MURAMATSU – Jan VALENTA 3-1 (11-8, 11-8, 11-13, 11-7)

Cedric MEISSNER – Daniel KOSTAL 3-0 (11-6, 11-1, 11-9)