European Championships

Milosz REDZIMSKI and Camille LUTZ topping the list in Sarajevo

ETTU announced the seeding list for the European Under 21 Championships to be played from 5th to 9th April in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lists are done according to March European Under 21 rankings. The leading names in their respective Men's and Women's Singles Events are Milosz REDZIMSKI of Poland and Camille LUTZ of France.

Top eight players will not play in the opening round on Wednesday. Among them, in Men's event there are three players from Poland. Beside REDZIMSKI, on position no. two is listed Samuel KULCZYCKI and on position no. 6 Maciej KUBIK. Adrien RASSENFOSSE of Belgium in no. three seed, followed by Csaba ANDRAS of Hungary  and Eduard IONESCU of Romania. Kay STUMPER of Germany is no. 7 seed and Iulian CHIRITA of Romania no. 8.

In Cluj last year, Samuel KULCZYCKI won the title in singles after he beat Vladislav URSU of Moldova in the final. Csaba ANDRAS also won gold, but he clinched the title in Doubles partnering Ivor BAN of Croatia. Adrien RASSENFOSSE also has the gold in his record list. He clinched gold in Doubles in Spa 2021.

In women's singles below LUTZ are: Hana ARAPOVIC of Croatia, Ozge YILMAZ of Turkiye, Charlotte LUTZ of France, Elena ZAHARIA of Romania, Nicole ARLIA of Italy, Ines MATOS of Portugal and Mia GRIESEL of Germany.

Elena ZAHARIA is the reigning champion in singles. Ozge YILMAZ won the title in Doubles last year in Cluj and in 2021 in Belgium's Spa.

The full list of 56 players in each event you can see here.