ETTU | 7 Jul 2023

HAN Ying and Darko JORGIC topping the July Rankings

At the top of the European Rankings in July are HAN Ying of Germany and Darko JORGIC of Slovenia. Besides the seniors' category, you can also find the complete rankings for the remaining 12 categories here.

The events included in the July Rankings are the European Games (including the Singles and Teams events), Europe Under 13 Championships (also featuring the Singles and Teams events), European Teams Qualifications in Osijek (which was missing in the June rankings), North Europe Under 15 Singles and Teams Events, and the WR Extraction from July 4th, 2023.

JORGIC replaced QIU Dang of Germany at the top position, with QIU dropping to the second position. Dimitrij OVTCHAROV of Germany remained at position number three. Silver medalist from Krakow, Marcos FREITAS of Portugal, moved up eight positions to reach the fourth position. Truls MOREGARDH of Sweden is fifth, followed by the LEBRUN brothers. The winner of the European Games Singles Event, Felix, is ranked sixth, while the bronze medalist, Alexis, is seventh.

Swede Kristian KARLSSON dropped to the eighth position, and Patrick FRANZISKA of Germany is now ninth. Andrej GACINA of Croatia holds the tenth position.

Han YING remains the number one in the Women's Singles Rankings, just like in June. Sofia POLCANOVA of Austria retained her second position, while the winner of the European Games Singles Event, Bernadette SZOCS of Romania, is now ranked third. Nina MITTELHAM of Germany is fourth; YUAN Yia Nan of France is in the fifth position, followed by Romania's Elizabeta SAMARA in sixth. YANG Xiaoxin of Monaco climbed 13 places to secure the seventh spot. SHAO Jieni and YU Fu of Portugal are ranked eighth and ninth, respectively, while Natalia BAJOR of Poland moved up 13 positions to reach the top 10.

In the Under 21 rankings, Truls MOREGARD, Felix, and Alexis LEBRUN occupy the top three positions. In the Women's Rankings, Prithiuka PAVADE of France, Hana ARAPOVIC of Croatia, and Camille LUTZ of France remain in the top three positions.