ETTU | 17 Aug 2023

ETTU Backs London Bid for the ITTF Centenary 2026 World Team Table Tennis Championships

Table Tennis England is eagerly vying to host the illustrious World Team Table Tennis Championships in London in 2026. With a commitment to delivering an unforgettable championship experience for the global table tennis community, the bid also intends to commemorate the ITTF Centenary in the very city where international table tennis had its genesis and where the inaugural World Championships unfolded.

Supporting this bid, the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) stands alongside Table Tennis England and adds its weight to the endeavor. The collective goal is not only to secure a momentous event but also to contribute to a legacy that echoes the rich history of the sport.

"ETTU strongly supports England TT and the city of London in their bid to host the 2026 World Table Tennis Championships. This presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ITTF at the birthplace of our extraordinary sport. We all have vivid memories of the remarkable 2012 Olympic Games in London, especially the incredible atmosphere lived during the table tennis tournament. This experience gives us confidence that if London is chosen, we will have the best World Championships our sport could ever aspire to. It's a moment that the international table tennis community cannot afford to miss. I sincerely urge our international community not to let this opportunity slip away and to enthusiastically endorse England TT's bid to host the 2026 World Table Tennis Championships," stated ETTU Acting President Pedro MOURA.

To ensure the triumph of this bid, Table Tennis England is calling upon the international table tennis community for backing. The pivotal juncture will be the ITTF Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Thailand on August 24. On August 23, 2023, during the AGM, the bids for the 2026 World Team Table Tennis Championships will be presented. Starting from 22:00 local time (17:00 CET) on August 23, the voting platform, managed by LUMI, will be accessible for a duration of 12 hours. This period will conclude with the commencement of the AGM at 10:00 local time (05:00 CET) on August 24, 2023.

Throughout the AGM, the pre-voting platform will be temporarily suspended and will be reopened exclusively for "live" voting at the designated point in the agenda. Further instructions on casting votes will be provided by ITTF in due course. By rallying behind this bid, the international table tennis community has a chance to play an instrumental role in a remarkable chapter set for 2026.

Table Tennis England is earnestly urging all Member Associations to guarantee their representatives' eligibility to vote at the ITTF AGM. The prospect of London hosting the global table tennis community in the very city that saw the sport's inception is profoundly exciting. The bid's triumph would undoubtedly etch a historic moment into the annals of table tennis history.

Moreover, Table Tennis England extends a warm invitation to attend the London 2026 Reception. This gathering is scheduled for August 22 at 19:30 local time and will take place at the Summit Hotel, The Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel. Delegates can obtain directions to the venue room at the reception. The event provides a unique opportunity to personally engage with the passion and dynamism driving the London 2026 bid.

The International table tennis community's resolute endorsement is crucial to materialize London's aspiration to host the ITTF Centenary 2026 World Team Table Tennis Championships. The future of this championship rests in the hands of those participating in the ITTF AGM, making it an epochal moment for the sport.