European Youth Championships

ETTU Executive Board has awarded the 2023 EYC to the city of Gliwice

We are pleased to announce the ETTU Executive Board has awarded the 2023 European Youth Championships to the Polish Table Tennis Federation to be played at the city of Gliwice in Upper Silesia from Friday 14th to Sunday 23rd July 2023.

“ETTU expressed great pleasure to come back to Poland after great success on 2020 European Championships. This time we will have the Youth Championships in the city of Gliwice. The ETTU Executive Board received excellent presentation, outstanding bid from the Polish Table Tennis Federation and we are absolutely sure we will have great European Youth Championships in 2023,” said ETTU Acting President Pedro MOURA.

The Polish Table Tennis Association has been building its position in the European Table Tennis Family for many years. They have skills and knowledge to organize the biggest events.

„Last year we hosted the Liebherr 2020 ITTF European Table Tennis Championships in Warsaw and proved we are able to deliver top events even in extremely difficult circumstances. Due to the last year success, PTTA decided to apply for the right to organize the 2023 European Youth Championships. ETTU Executive Board decision made us really happy and shown us it is worth to work hard in the name of table tennis popularity in Europe. I am fully convinced that the Championship in Gliwice will meet the wildest expectations and make remarkable memories for everybody. Feel invited to Poland once again,” said PTTA President Dariusz SZUMACHER.