European Championships

Hungary, Greece, Spain and Finland preparing together for Munich 2022

National teams of Hungary, Greece, Spain and Finland joined their forces in Hungary to prepare for the forthcoming European Championships in Munich (from 13th to 21st August).

 Leading Hungarian player at the seedings is Adam SZUDI at the position no. 52, Finland’s Benedek OLAH is placed at the position no. 24 at the list, whilst Spain’ s top representative is Alvaro ROBLES at the position no.22.

Unfortunately, top Greek player Panagiotis GIONIS will not compete this year at the European Championships, so all the eyes will be set on young Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS who will be the best seeded player at the list at the position no. 55.

“Panos is still recovering from the injury, so this year he will not be present. We hope Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS will manage to reach the main draw, and then we will see,” said Greek coach Konstantinos VATSAKLIS. “We commenced with the preparations three weeks ago and here in Budapest we are already for a week. We made a really strong group and we are having very high quality preparations.”