European Championships

GAUZY: "I’m aiming high, I don’t know yet what high means, but I’m aiming high"

European vice-champion from Budapest 2016, Simon GAUZY of France will play at the European Championships in Munich next week.

GAUZY was playing in Budapest at the WTT Champions European Summer Series 2022. He reached the Round of 16, but he has mixed feelings after the tournament.

“I played in Hungary and it performance with the many ups and downs. I just came back from Covid and had only three days to practice and my condition was not at the best. But there was some good things and worse things,” said GAUZY.

Will you have some more tournaments before the start of European Championships in Munich?

“No, I commenced the preparation for Munich and I will not play anywhere before the Championships. We will have a small camp here in Ochsenhausen during Tunisian WTT and then LEBRUN’S brother will join are to finalise the preparation.”

There are no big names missing at the list for Munich, the competition will be fierce. Where you see yourself in that run? What is your goal for EC?

 “European level is extremely high, players are tough to beat from 1st round. However, I am aiming high, do not know what high means but high,” GAUZY was honest.

Who is currently in top shape in Europe, who you see the challengers in Munich, who is the top threat?

“Definitely players like Truls MOREGARDH, Patrick FRANZISKA, Darko JORGIC, Dima OVTCHAROV, QIU Dang are the best right now but so many are able to beat them. It would be great to be part of that group.”.

You have been at the medal rostrum at the Europeans, can you compare current shape and state of mind and the one you had before Budapest? And of course, can you compare European scene now and the one that was in 2016?

“In 2016, I was younger, I and everyone around had less expectation. I was playing one my best level to get to the final. Right now I’m not in the best 8 in the ranking, but I’m aiming to be back. Maybe in Munich?  The level of play is constantly increasing. Players are investing in their project more and more. Level is always going higher, but that’s so good for Europe and table tennis in general.”