Europe Cup Women

Long break caused by Pandemic keeps the expectations low

French SDUS 93 Tennis de Table reached the final of the French League and they are looking forward the Tamanneftegas Europe Cup Women Final to justify their good shape. The club will be one of 11 participants at the forthcoming tournament in Novi Sad to be staged in Spens from 6th to 9th May.  

“We have a very young team. This is the first time we participate the Europe Cup. Everyone has been preparing and looking forward to it for a long time, we are in good shape,” said coach Qiwen XIAO.

It has been rough period for everyone, concerning COVID pandemic and restrictions.

“During this epidemic period, it's not easy for everyone, two of our team members have been infected, but we always try our best in every training, added XIAO. “Regarding our goal in this competition, the result will not be so important for us. I hope our players will play the best they can in every game and they will seized the opportunity to improve their game through this competition.”

For Greek ASEA Sarises Florinas will play Judith LIU, Chrysi FOTIADOU and Romane LE SCOUR

“French girls are without training for a long of time, whilst 16-years FOTIADOU started with trainings two months ago and she is in a good shape,” explained Marketing Manager Giaser ELSAMI.

In Greece, the club had a chance to play only three matches before the Championships was cancelled.

“Everything was closed, we did not have a chance to play not to have trainings, “added ELSAMI.”We are just happy to have opportunity to play in Europe and we promises the players will give their best. We played in ETTU Cup previously in 2017 and 2018, but never reached third phase. From adversaries who is coming to Novi Sad so far, we only met hosts and we lost to Novi sad in straight matches in season 2016/17.”

The tournament gathered 12 teams: Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT (France) , ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari (Italy), Alicante TDM (Spain), TTC Novi Sad (Serbia), A.S.D. Tennistavolo Norbello (Italy), Asea Sarises Florinas (Greece), Saint-Denis Us 93 Tennis De Table (France), SKST Stavoimpex Hodonin (Czech Republic), CP Lyssois Lille Métropole (France), SH-ITB Budaörsi Sport Club (Hungary) and TTC Carinthiawinds Villach (Austria).


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