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First title for Omar ASSAR at Dusseldorf Masters

Photo: Jörg Fuhrmann, Revierfoto

Egypt's veteran Omar ASSAR entered the list of winners of the Düsseldorf Masters for the first time, but two DTTB talents made remarkable appearances in the limelight of the fourth edition in 2021. The 20-year-old finalist Cedric MEISSNER and the 18-year-old Kay STUMPER turned the seeding list upside down with their successes over the world-class players Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, Kanak JHA and Dang QIU.

Sporadic falls of favorites have enriched the Düsseldorf Masters since its premiere last year, but the elimination of three top seeders is unique in the tournament's history to date. Cedric MEISSNER had the lion's share of this. He overcame US star Kanak JHA and Germany's penholder ace Dang QIU (Grünwettersbach) as it did two weeks against the world number 15. Liam PITCHFORD (England).

MEISSNER was happy with his good performance: "My record against Kanak was 1: 2 before. I was good in the long rallies today and was also a bit lucky in the decisive game. But overall it was a very good game of mine. That also applies to the match against Dang. He had some problems with my serves. In the third set I broke down a bit, but I was able to fight my way back. It's a shame that it wasn't enough in the final against Omar, but there are still a few more tournaments to come. Omar deservedly won the final. "

The Egyptian, who is ranked 42nd in the world, prevailed in the final in four games and was happy about his first ever Masters success after losing a final four times in 2020 and 2021: "Finally! It's a good feeling, that I won the final this time. I trained a lot this week and went into the tournament very optimistic. I had three good opponents today, but went into the games with a lot of self-confidence. Many thanks to Borussia and DTTB, that I was allowed to be there, especially with regard to my preparations for the Olympic Games. "

Judging by the World ranking positions, however, Kay STUMPER (Neu-Ulm) made the biggest coup today. The winner of the Europe Youth Top Ten 2020 threw the world number nine, Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, out of the title race in the quarter-finals. The 2017 World Cup winner made up for the quick 2-0 set lead of the cheeky and carefree teenager, but game five went back to STUMPER with 11: 8, who said: "I got into it very well. Because Dima and I have been training a lot together lately, we know each other very well. That was particularly noticeable in the service and return game. Actually, I could have closed the game in the fourth set. That's why I'm special glad that I was able to win the decisive set against Dima. "

In the subsequent semifinals, however, the hurdle was too high for Stumper. The winner of the third Masters edition was defeated by the multiple African champion Omar ASSAR in four games.

After a break on the next Sunday, the fifth Düsseldorf Masters will be held on May 16 in the ARAG CenterCourt.




Düsseldorf Masters 4/2021



Omar ASSAR - Cedric MEISSNER 3: 1 (-10,5,3,9)


Qiu DANG - Cedric MEISSNER 1: 3 (-9, -6.5, -9)

Omar Assar – Kay Stumper 3:1 (5,-11,10,7)


Dang QIU - Kirill FADEEV 3:0 (4,6,5)

Kanak JHA - Cedric MEISSNER 0:3 (-10,-8,-7)

Omar ASSAR - Benno OEHME 3:0 (-4,4,5,8)

Dimitrij OVTCHAROV - Kay STUMPER 2:3 (-6,-10,7,9,-8)



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