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TT Club Priping fundraising for Croatia

On the 16th of January the Table Tennis Club from Prishtina "Priping" in collaboration with Rotary Club Prishtina Newborn (RCPNB) organized a charity tournament with the purpose of collecting funds for Croatia, who only a few days ago was struck by a disastrous earthquake. The tournament was held at the Palace of Youth and Sports in Prishtina, in Kosovo. The participation fee for this tournament was 5 Euro, however there were many who contributed more than that price, seeing as the entirety of the collected amount will be donated to those suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake in Croatia.

The president of Priping club, Kastriot ORANA thanked all those present for their participation and goodwill, stressing once more the importance of the event.

"This event is being held in order to help the state of Croatia through Table Tennis, after the earthquake. Through this organization we are trying to support Croatia and empathize with all those suffering", said ORANA during his speech at the opening.

This event would not have been made possible without the support of Rotary Club Prishtina Newborn (RCPNB), the President of which, Arijeta PAJAZITI regarded this charitable event very highly. She stressed that it was our way of helping those in need, no matter the manner in which we did.

"Rotary Club Prishtina Newborn (RCPNB) will always be more than ready to support such events, because we are not only providing financial aid but a moral one as well with our clear expression of support towards those in need", expressed PAJAZITI.

Before the tournament officially began, a direct line from Zagreb was held through ZOOM with Marijan BULAT, Adviser to the President of Rotary International. He expressed his sincere joy of seeing such an event be held.

"This organization is highly important because you are not only helping the state of Croatia financially through this difficult time, but you are also granting them your moral support. It is truly an action of high value and this act alone marks an important day." said BULAT.

The Table Tennis Club "Priping" and Rotary Club Prishtina Newborn (RCPNB), sincerely express their gratitude to all the participants of this tournament, where each and every single one of them through their contribution and goodwill helped fulfill the purpose of this event. We believe that soon there will be far more similar organizations and events, whether they be for humanitarian reasons or other. We also hope that our collective contribution will be at least somewhat effective in helping those affected by the earthquake.



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