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Georgina POTA planning to stay in Budaörs for many years

The past days were quite busy for Georgina PÓTA: on Monday she trained for the first time since her baby girl was born, and on Tuesday she was introduced to her new team, SH-ITB Budaörs Sport Club.


The most successful Hungarian table tennis player of recent years gave birth to her first child on 1st of June. She also took Regina to her first postpartum workout, and she did not bother the game at all.


“Luckily, she slept through the workout” said Georgina PÓTA with relief. “I had help, her pram was pushed in the room, but she is a good baby, anyway. I do not feel the game that much yet, but I missed months being out of the court and not attending trainings, so it is natural. There will be no problem with my hands, the way I move promises to be more difficult, but I think after ten-fifteen workouts that will also be much better. During our conversations in February, I told Budaörs that I would like to play matches starting from November. In the meantime, the dates of the matches have come out, I saw that we will have home matches in September and October as well. Me, playing in September is out of the question, I do not think it would make any sense. We will see what will happen in October. First, I must get back in my shape again, and it is also a question of who will be able to take care of Regina, so it is a matter of organization as well.”


POTA will be surrounded by familiar faces in Budaörs, she has played in the same team with Petra LOVAS before.


“We have been playing together in Berlin for three years and we are really excited to be able to play in the same team again” the old-new teammate shared her feelings. “She also accompanied me during my pregnancy and my life with a toddler, and I accompanied her during her pregnancy so we could help each other. She asked me when the movements would come back, I told her to be patient because that is the most important thing now.”


At Tuesday's press conference of the Budaörs SC’ table tennis department, the ’protagonist’ spoke about the circumstances how Georgina POTA decided to continue her cooperation with Budaörs.


“I am very happy to be able to return home after more than ten years” started Georgina PÓTA. “I have been negotiating many times with the team in recent years, so I formulated the thought of being back home for a couple of years now. I am glad to be able to play in Budaörs-jersey because it is a professional club in which I can imagine my future. I really want it to be not just a one-year, but a collaboration for many years.”


There was also some talk about the goals set for the new season:“With the team, we want to win the Hungarian championship and get as far as possible on the international field. In terms of individual goals, I would like to participate at the Olympics, which I hope will be held. We will obviously talk about this with the head coach of the national team, Zoltán BÁTORFI, but my goal is to get back to my previous form as soon as possible.”


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