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Member Associations - 6 Oct 2020

Top 10 "Teco Trophy", the first national tournament in Italy after lockdown


National tournament activity has resumed in Italy with the Top 10 "Teco Trophy", which was held at the Sports Hall in Cortemaggiore, thanks to the organization of the Teco Corte Auto led by President Ettore DERNINI. The event took place in full compliance with the anti COVID-19 legislation. An Italian round was played, in which each athlete faced the other nine.


In the men's field, favorite Mihai BOBOCICA won with 17 points, losing only one match. Behind him were the two brothers Leonardo and Matteo MUTTI, who scored one point less.

"At the first place, I am happy because we are back to compete here in Italy", said Mihai BOBOCICA. "And then, obviously, also for the victory. When I play it is always to get the best possible result. I had just returned from the success in the Ochsenhausen tournament, in which I had beaten high-level opponents. I still have a lot to improve, but the feelings are positive. I have to thank the organizers, because they worked hard to allow us to return to the field in conditions of extreme safety. They were good and the referees were also helpful, in conditions that were necessarily different from usual. The next appointment will be the Top 12 in Bolzano on October 17th and 18th and I expect to be there. The same week I will have another tournament in Ochsenhausen".


Among women there was the great surprise of the first place of the 14-year-old Nicole ARLIA, the only junior athlete in the competition, ahead of her club mate Gaia MONFARDINI. The two girls scored the same number of points and the result of the direct match was decisive.


"How nice is to be back on the field," Nicole Arlia comments satisfied." I am truly grateful to Teco Corte Auto Cortemaggiore for organizing this tournament, which allowed us to break the ice after a long period of inactivity and a few months of training only. Personally, I had a wonderful weekend and it was even more so because I really didn't expect this result. I won a lot of matches 3-2 and even when I won 3-0 the sets were always close. In the end when I was fighting with Gaia for leadership I felt a bit of pressure, I was so close to the finish line that I wanted to cut it first. I am satisfied with the game, there are shots that I have to improve but in some respects I feel grown. I have progressed in open game and response, even on short serves. I will continue to work hard with my coach Alfonso Laghezza, to prepare for the Top 12 in Bolzano".



Overall ranking men:

1) Mihai BOBOCICA (Aeronautica Militare) 17, 2) Leonardo MUTTI (Aeronautica Militare) 16, 3) Matteo MUTTI (Aon Milano Sport) 16, 4) Marco RECH DALDOSSO (Aeronautica Militare) 15, 5) John Michael OYEBODE (Il Circolo Prato 2010) 15, 6) Paolo BISI (Il Circolo Prato 2010) 13, 7) Luca BRESSAN (Brunetti Castel Goffredo) 11, 8) Alessandro BACIOCCHI (Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Azzurre) 10, 9) Marco CAPPUCCIO (Sant'Espedito Napoli) 10, 10) Tommaso GIOVANNETTI (Cral Comune di Roma) 10.



1) Nicole ARLIA (Brunetti Castel Goffredo) 17, 2) Gaia MONFARDINI (Brunetti Castel Goffredo) 17, 3) Le Thi Hong LOAN (Brunetti Castel Goffredo) 15, 4) Veronica MOSCONI (Centro Sportivo Esercito) 14, 5) Arianna BARANI (Teco Corte Auto Cortemaggiore) 13, 6) Valentina RONCALLO (Teco Corte Auto Cortemaggiore) 13, 7) Jamila LAURENTI (Gruppi Sportivi della Polizia di Stato - Fiamme Oro) 12, 8) Cristina SEMENZA (Polisportiva Bagnolese Panino LAB) 12, 9) Irene FAVARETTO (Sportni Krozek Kras) 12, 10) Elisa ARMANINI (Brunetti Castel Goffredo 10.


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