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Kosovo TTA and Albania TTA signed a mutual Memorandum of Cooperation

Kosovo TTA and Albania TTA, yesterday on 28 November in Durres, Albania signed a mutual Memorandum of Cooperation for a four year terms. The MeC was signed by both Presidents, Jeton BEQIRI (Kosovo TTA) and Arben MEÇAJ (President of Albania TTa) in precense of both Secretary Generals.


The Memorandum foresees a smooth cooperation between two TTA on establishing a joint activities related to having a joint league with best teams female and male, open tournament, capacity building while holding seminars on ethic code, anti doping, anti harrasment, umpires, coaches and sport administrators, having a joint training camps with experts with focus on hopes, cadet and juniors and any other activity related to increasing TT level.


The official signing ceremony was broadcasted by two biggest Albanian TV station followed by intervies.


On the ceremeny were present the highest Sport Authorities from Ministries of Sport from both countries and als the Presidents of both National Olympic Committees.


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