European Championships

LIEBHERR EURO 2019 and Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque joined forces

Since its constitution, the Organizing Committee of the Liebherr ETTC 2019 in Nantes wanted to work together with an association engaged in the field of the solidarity. As the opportunity occusres they agreed upon on a partnership on the occasion of a short meeting with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in Nantes.


The commitment was made with Jean-Luc CHESNEAU and the aim was to help a child on her pathway to the vital operation.


“Alongside all the promotion events, before, during and after the championships, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque was present. And this has allowed us to gather the necessary funding.

With the participation of all our partners and sponsors the challenge was a success. We were very happy to be able to officially donate the sum of 12 000 euros on the occasion of the volunteers party on the 15th February 2020,” explained in the name of the the Organizing Committee of the Liebherr European Championships 2019 in Nantes Claude BERGERET.


This amount corresponds to the cost of the child’s entire stay in France for this heart’s operation.

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