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Member Associations - 28 Mar 2020

Dora MADARASZ admitted: I am not that good in UNO

Hungary’s Dora MADARASZ is at home, discovering new skills to get over hard time of uncertainty and solitude.


“I am in my hometown, in Kecskemet with my parents so I can help them as much as I can. This is a difficult time for everyone and we are trying to follow our government’s advice,” said Dora.


There are no tournaments, but to stay in shape is important now.


“I have some equipment to stay in shape, I try my best to do in my home office and everyday I do some exercises.”


When it comes to other home activates creativity helps as well:


“We bought some board games and card games so afternoon’s programmed is mostly to play these. I figured out that I am not as good as I thought in UNO.I watch HBO GO and in Hungary there is a sport show called Exatlon Hungary so in the evening I watch this and we chat about this with my friends to figure out which team will win.”


Dora addressed to her fans:

“Please stay at home, this is at least we can do to help to stop to spread this virus. I wish everyone to be safe and healthy.” #stayathome





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