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European Championships - 10 Mar 2019

Adina DIACONU at the top of the Europe

Photo: Rita TABORDA

BUTTERFLY Under 21 European Championships


Adina DIACONU of Romania reached the highest step at the medal rostrum in Gondomar. In the final of the Women’s Singles Event at the BUTTERFLY Under 21 European Championships she beat Maria MALANINA of Russia 4:0 (11, 6, 9, 7). Bronze medalists are Tania PLAIAN of Romania and Nadezhda BOGDANOVA Belarus.


“It was 4:0 win, but every game was close. However, I wanted the medal very much. I played thought the tournament top level table tennis,” said DIACONU.


In the semi final Nadezhda BOGDANOVA of Belarus suffered by the hands of Adina in straight games (7, 3, 3, 8).


“I was very confident. I played at my top level, best table tennis of my career and I knew I am going to win. At some point Nadezhda started to panic, because my every ball ended on the table. I did direct points unmistakably. I also took good care that after 3:0 I do not let anything spoil my victory. I had in my mind I have top stay focused,” explained Adina.


In equally superb style, but after five games Maria MALANINA overcame Tania PLAIAN of Romania (9, 7, 8, -6, 5).


“I felt a little pain in my hip, which disturbed me. In addition, I have never played against Tania and she is really good against the players with the defensive style of play,” explained MALANINA.


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