European Youth Championships

2019 STAG European Youth Championships Team Draw: Italy and Romania meet three times within group stage

Photo: Courtesy ITTF

The 2019 STAG European Youth Championships, 7-16 Jul, Ostrava


The 2019 STAG European Youth Championships Team Draw, held today, June 5th, in the Belgian capital city of Brussels, set up triple rivalry between Italy and Romania. These two national teams will play one against another within group stage in Junior Girls, Cadet Girls and Cadet Boys events.


The 62nd edition of European Youth Championships will be held 7-16 Jul, in the Czech Republic city of Ostrava, at the RT TORAX ARENA. Team events are scheduled for Sunday 7th - Thursday 11th July.


France, defending Junior Boys champion from the 2018 Cluj Napoca (Romania), will play in Group B against 2017 winner Germany, Slovakia and Romania. Last year’s runner-up and 2017 champion, Russia, shares Group A with Italy, Switzerland and Azerbaijan.


Juniors Girls event will see actual runner-up Russia, 2014 winner France, Serbia and Belarus in the Group A. Romania, six-time winner in last ten years, is going to play in Group D, against Italy, Croatia and Spain.


Reigning Cadet Boys champion, France, shares Group C with 2013 champion Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey, while last year’ssilver medallist Belgium will play in Group D, against eight-time cadet teams gold medallist Germany, Poland and Ukraine.


Defending Cadet Girls champion and nine-time winner in this event, Romania is drawn in Group A, beside Portugal, Hungary and Italy. Last year’s silver medallist, Russia will play inGroup B, against Ukraine, Portugal and Turkey.


Team events draw


Junior Girls Teams Draw (Level 1)


GROUP A: Russia, France, Serbia, Belarus

GROUP B: Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia

Group C: Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Netherlands

Group D: Italy, Romania, Croatia, Spain


Junior Boys Teams Draw (Level 1)


GROUP A: Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Azerbaijan

GROUP B: France, Germany, Slovakia, Romania

Group C: Poland, Hungary, Spain, Denmark

Group D: Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Greece


Cadet Girls Teams Draw (Level 1)


GROUP A: Romania, Hungary, Italy, Serbia

GROUP B: Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Turkey

Group C: France, Poland, Belgium, Belarus

Group D: Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania


Cadet Boys Teams Draw (Level 1)


GROUP A: Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Italy

GROUP B: Russia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia

Group C: Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Turkey

Group D: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine



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