European Veterans Championships

Table tennis sport for all, for life!

Eliska KREJCOVA and Margit SCHIEDER Photo: Johanna Bertalan

European Veterans Championships


The 13th European Veteran Table Tennis Championships attracts the table tennis’ veteran elite players. Many of the world’s biggest names are on display including World Champions Béla FRANK, Sándor VARGA, Betty BIRD, Kai MERIMAA.


According to the participants, the atmosphere is incredible, the halls are full of life.


 “We are really enjoying the matches. Old friends come together, and play together.” – said Mr. Tibor SZARKA.


Age divisions ranged from over 40 to over 90 and players come from around the world. But table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. On these championships, the oldest player, Margit SCHIEDER is 94 years old, but it does not look like it.


The weather conditions are as usual in July, sunny and hot, but the organizers try to do their best to provide as good playing conditions as possible.


Can I buy tickets on the spot?

Yes! Tickets are available – you can either grab a daily ticket or why not treat yourself to a weekly pass? Buy your tickets for the 13th European Veteran Table Tennis Championships 2019:

-           10 EUR/day

-           75 EUR/week

Photo: Richard Kalocsai

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