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European Championships - 19 May 2018

Spain succeded in full five matches thriller

Photo: ITTF

ITTF-European Championships Teams


For a second time Spain had to go through nerves wrecking five matches, but like against Sweden, they succeeded again in the first stage of the ITTF-European Championships Teams, in Groups A in Men’s Event. This time Denmark was the team to suffer. They faced defeat at the home soil in Bauhaus Arena in Roskilde.


The hosts had a better start. Jonathan GROTH overcame Carlos MACHADO in the opening duel, but more important was that MACHADO won the decisive one against Michale MAZE. MAZE also suffered by the hands of Alvaro ROBLES.


Anders LIND beat Carlos FRANCO to create another chance for Denmark, but Alvaro ROBLES beat GROTH to push Spain into the decisive match.


Denmark - Spain 2:3

Jonathan GROTH - Carlos MACHADO (11:9, 7:11, 11:5, 11:6)

Michael MAZE - Alvaro ROBLES (8:11, 8:11, 11:6, 10:12)

Anders LIND - Carlos FRANCO (11:3, 11:9, 11:5)

Jonathan GROTH - Alvaro ROBLES (9:11, 12:10, 7:11, 10:12)

Michael MAZE - Carlos MACHADO (5:11, 7:11, 11:5, 11:8, 3:11)

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