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European Youth Championships - 19 Mar 2018

Warming up for the European Youth Championships in Cluj-Napoca

Umpires’ training in Romania


On 10th and 11th of March an umpires’ training has been held in Buzau to prepare them for the next European Youth Championships (to be played in Cluj-Napoca in July) and to prepare many of them to the International Umpire exam.


50 umpires from all parts of Romania took part actively in this training in Hotel Sport B90. They all attended the course in a motivated, active and friendly atmosphere. Ionas COLCERU, the responsible for umpires in Romania and Adriana ZAMFIR, former player, coach and involved now in the Romanian Association, were assisting me by translating when necessary.


“I thank Beatrice ROMANESCU for the perfect preparation and conditions, all in the same place. Good accommodation and food, and a big place with projector, flipchart, table tennis table, scoreboard, …All participants were very happy with what they have learned and I hope that it will be a good start for more future improvements. See you in Cluj-Napoca to note the practical results! » said Isabelle BEUMIER

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