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Member Associations - 21 Mar 2018

Olympiacos won both titles in Greece

Olympiacos dominated the team's championships in Greece for the 2017-2018 season. The club won the title in A1 in both men’s and women’s Championships. That happened for the first time since 2005 and for fourth in the history of the 1st division.


The men's and women's team suffered only one defeat, but they secured the title last weekend at the end of the Championships.


The men's team of Piraeus had two big matches against Tatavla and Panathinaikos, who also claimed the 1st place. Olympiacos’ players displayed a very good shape, defeated Tatavla 4-1 and Panathinaikos 4-0 to keep the trophy for the third consecutive year. It was also the 14th title in her history. The coach of Olympiacos Giorgos Christoforakis relied on Swedish Simon ARVINSON and Ioannis SGOUROPOULOS, Tasos RINIOTIS and Giorgos STAMATOUROS.


Olympiacos's women's team was not a clear favorite before the last games. The odds were against them for a possible tie with the champion of the previous two years D.A.O. Taurus, who also had only one defeat at the time. However, Olympiacos proceeded victoriously and on Saturday girls took the advantage of the unexpected defeat of DAOT by Phoenix Piraeus 4-3. So, the club regain the title after 9 years and celebrated the 19th championship in their history.


Giorgos CHRISTOFORAKIS coached the team composed of Alex GALIC (Slovenia), Annie-Tilda JOHANSSON (Sweden), Maria CHRISTOFORAKI and used also junior Elsa TERPOU and mini cadet Evaggelia MERAMVELLIOTAKI.




  1. Olympiacos 31
  2. Α.Ο. Tatavla 30
  3. Panathinaikos A.O. 29
  4. Α.S. Pera Athens 26
  5. O.A. Chania 24
  6. Aris Nikaias 20
  7. Α.Ο. Ellinikou 19 (6-5)

-------------------------------------------------- ---

  1. Filia Orestiadas 19 (5-6)
  2. Α.Ο. Pefki 18




  1. Olympiacos 23
  2. D.Α.Ο. Taurus 22
  3. Phoenix Piraeus 20
  4. Sarises Florinas 19
  5. Α.Ο. Tatavla 15 (6-5)

-------------------------------------------------- -

  1. Α.Σ. Pera Athens 15 22-39 (5-6)
  2. YMCA Thessaloniki 12 6-48


The last two teams from the two leagues go to extra matches with teams from A2 to claim their stay in the category.

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