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European Youth Championships - 16 Jul 2018

Rares SIPOS: Our best is yet to come

2018 STAG European Youth Championships


Romania showed very little mercy on their way to the top 16 teams in the Junior Boys Teams Event at the 2018 STAG European Youth Championships. Alongside hosts, France, Sweden and Russia concluded Group stages at the top of their respective Groups.


On their way to the top Romania’s Rares SIPOS and Cristian PLETEA are unbeaten.


“We have very good atmosphere in the team and we are very self-confident. It was important that we managed to win the top place in the group. I cannot say that we played at our best, but the victory is the most important and I hope that, as the tournament progresses, we will start to play better and better to reach our top level. We are ready for the next stage and, as I said before, we hope to start playing at our usual level,” said SIPOS of Romania.


Poland is second in the Group, followed by Slovakia and Turkey.


Bastien REMBERT, Irvin BERTRAND, Lilian BARDET and Leo DE NORDEST of France recorded three 3:0 victories over Belgium, Greece and Croatia. Belgium booked no. two position. In the last match France beat Croatia.


It was the last game of the qualifications but we were sure we will finish 1st in the group so we were not under pressure. The adversaries were lower ranked so it was not easy to play and to perform at the highest technical level. The most important is that we won 3-0 and we are the 1st of the group,” said Lilian BARDET. “It was a kind of a training game because the “real” competition will start now, as we are qualified. We go to knock out stage. We are confident and ready; we did not lose any game so far and we are looking for a podium minimum. We will try to do our best and we will see.”


Greece failed to go to knock out stage directly, they will play play off matches. Belgium beat them and progressed further from spot no. two.


“It was a great and beautiful game, they played really well. We knew that it will be hard because it was 2-0 for them,” said Laurens DEVOS of Belgium. “For the next match we will see…We go game by game. We will prepare for the tomorrow's game and we hope to get to the quarter final, to reach the podium it will be harder.”


Russia’s Vladimir SIDORENKO, Maksim GREBNEV and Lev KATSMAN beat Germany, Hungary and Czech Republic on their way to the top, leaving Germany at spot no. two. Sweden’s Truls MOREGARD, Martin FRIIS and Jonathan MCDONALD also reached the top spot in Group D. Italy is second.



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