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World Championships - 30 Apr 2018

Paul DRINKHALL lead England to victory against Chinese Taipei

Photo: ITTF

LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships


Another European team showed brilliant performance against Asian representatives at the LIEBHERR 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships. In the second Round of the Men’s Event, England overcame Chinese Taipei and they even did not have to go full distance. England are currently 13th in the world and their opponents sixth, and every member of the Chinese Taipei team is ranked above their English counterpart.


“It was very tough match that went back and forward. The important moment that set the course of the match was in the opening encounter between Paul DRINKHALL and CHUANG Chih-Yuan. In the decisive game Paul was 5:10 in reverse, but he managed to win that match. Liam PITCHFORD also played very well today,” said Marcus SJOBERG.


Paul DRINKHALL saved five match points to defeat world No 16 CHUANG Chih-Yuan. Liam PICHFORD beat CHEN Chien-An, whilst Samuel WALKER suffered by the hands of LIN Yun-Ju. PITCHFORD overcame CHUANG to seal the match.


Against world’s no 30 CHEN Chien-An, PITCHFORD withstood the pressure. He led 10:9, 11:10 and 12:11 before CHEN saved three match points. With lot of running Liam gained fourth match point and won the match.


Belgium overcame Singapore in another long distance clash. Singapore lost in five matches.


 “We expected to win against Singapore. They have a great player, GAO Ning, but the three others players are not as strong as him. We are a more uniform team as them. We don’t speak of a specific goal with the team, but personally I want to pass the group stage. This would be great,” stated Florent LAMBIET.


Cedric NUYTINCK overcame POH Shao Feng but lost against GAO Ning. Gao also beat LAMBIET but Florent prevailed against POH in the decisive match. Robin DEVOS overcame BEH Kun Ting.



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