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Member Associations - 23 Nov 2017

2017 World Table Tennis Day Celebrations Film Finishes Second at Milano International FICTS Festival

Photo: ITTF

The 2017 World Table Tennis Day Celebrations film that was produced by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has finished second place at the Milano International FICTS Festival on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 in Milano, Italy.

With 972 films submitted, the ITTF's two video productions, Mission 226 Guinea Bissau and 2017 World Table Tennis Day Celebrations were two of the 19 shortlisted films for the "Sport and Society" category, together with other contestants including National TV stations such as RAI (Italy) and ARD (Germany).

Creator and producer for both film, ITTF Digital Coordinator Joachim DAVY shared "It's truly exciting! It's a great honor to be shortlisted amongst other renown networks to compete for the award, and I'm really happy that the 2017 World Table Tennis Day Celebrations was able to finish second at the awards night."

"It is a pleasure to be honored with the FICTS award. This time for the World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) compilation film which should encourage more people and countries to take part of in 2018. The WTTD will be a key instrument for the upcoming ITTF Foundation to spread table tennis globally in an inclusive way promoting the values of our sport." added ITTF Development Director Leandro OLVECH.

The 2017 World Table Tennis Day Celebrations film, that won second at the Festival, featured how the World came together to celebrate 2017 World Table Tennis Day on 6th April 2017 in 93 countries across the globe to rejoice the sport of table tennis. The worldwide celebrations can be seen here:

The second shortlisted film, Mission 226 Guinea Bissau documentary was produced as part of ITTF's Pingsider series that brings insights into table tennis, special features and behind-the-scenes. The film was created to commemorate the induction of Guinea Bissau into the ITTF Family as the 226th and final member association, meaning that table tennis has built its presence in all corners of the globe to be truly "Table Tennis for ALL". The video can be watched here, and is available with English, French, Arabic and Spanish subtitles:

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