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World Championships - 31 May 2017

Dana CECHOVA has special support in Dusseldorf

Photo: Frantisek ZALEWSKY

LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships


In the opening round of the Women's Singles Event at the LIEBHERR 2017 World Championships in Dusseldorf one of the early upsets was made by Dana CECHOVA of Czech Republic. World's no 130 overcame no. 18 seed Matilda EKHOLM of Sweden on her way to the next stage – 1:4.


"Matilda is 18th seed? I didn't realise that! I am absolutely happy and excited to win. It was a really tough match as we are good friends... Both of us fought hard."


Dana CECOHOVA has a special support in Dusseldorf. Her daughter is here to chear for her in Czech shirt and she ran in to player's area after match for hug: "I enjoy playing in front of her. She always cheers and says "mummy come on and win" before the match. I am actually more relaxed when she is in the hall."


Adina DIACONU of Romania beat Chantal MANTZ of Germany 4:2: "It was a very difficult first match playing in the big hall. I knew it would be hard as last time we played I lost. But I was more focused now on what I had to do and had very good tactics.


Top seed DING Ning of China faced no difficulties against Belarus Daria TRIGOLOS 4:0.


“I enjoyed the match with Ding Ning. In the beginning of the match, I knew that will be very difficult to win even one game. During the match I didn't think about her titles, I was trying to show my best,” said Daria.


 Sabine WINTER of Germany prevailed against Croatia's Mateja JEGER 4:1.


"I was happy to have quite a clear win and that it wasn't too much of a test for my nerves; but I hope to keep playing better."


Sabine was "caught" on watching Chantal Mantz on court next to her: "Normally you shouldn't watch, but honestly I did have a look a couple of times, but not too often!"



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