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European Veterans Championships - 30 Jun 2017

RADBERG radiate with energy at the European Veterans Championships

Photo: Max Ansbro

In Women’s Singles 65 at the European Veterans Championships Gittan RADBERG of Sweden reached the semi final. In the main draw she beat Carol COWIE of England. Helga VASEMÄGI of Estonia and Marianne KERWAT of Germany.


She radiate with the enthusiasm and energy although she admitted that she hate to be in the hall.


“I hate all those waiting. I love action and I love to play. I would also like little bit more action at the table. Stronger competition would not hurt. I need younger opponents,” said RADBERG.


On her way to the Round of 32 Gittan RADBERG GUSTAVII beat Margaret CLEARY 3:0, Annemarie FALKOWSKI of Germany 3:1 and Susan BODY 3:0.


RADBERG is among top four most successful Sweden’s female players of all time and among top 14 men. She earned that position by reaching the quarterfinal of the World Championships in 1971 and Swedish open Singles Event two years later. Overall, she won 13 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze medals at the Swedish Championships.


“I did not make a break. I started to play at the Veterans Championships from 40 Category. I do not play very often, but I practice on regular basis. I spend my time on training at least two times per week. I also play for the club Vargon and I play with men.“


Even surgeries could not stop her. She had one on the right shoulder, came back and played in Alicante at the Veterans Championships last year, before she had another surgery on the left shoulder.


“I am fine now. I had to make a pause, but now I am back.”


What is the main reason to stay in table tennis?


“Friends, of course,” stated RADBERG.

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