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Member Associations - 23 Jun 2017

Igor Heller appointed honorary member of the Dutch Table Tennis Association

At meeting of the Board, this month, Igor Heller was appointed honorary member of the NTTB (Dutch Table Tennis Association). The nomination for the membership by the Executive Committee  was done of the basis of Igor’s national and international merits for the table tennis sport during many many years.


A summary of all the activities that Igor Heller participated in we’re named during the ceremony. In 1985 Igor started in Utrecht as member of the Regional Congress  for the the youth. Since 1987 he has been head of the National Youth Ranking list and licenses and since that time he has been bond representative during many national tournaments. As of 1994 Igor is secretary of the Rules Committee in the Netherlands. Besides this committee he is also part of the Education Testing Committee and the Committee match sport. Finally Igor is tournament director and member of Congress for the region ‘Midden’.


Internationally Igor has been active for the ETTU since 2000. First as member of the Ranking Committee and as of 2008 as Chairman. Besides that he is member of the jury during the most of the European tournaments. In the ITTF Igor is member of the Rules Committee.


The pin for honorary member was awarded by the chairman of the Executive Committee in the presence of Igor’s parents and brother. HELLER, also, holds a Badge of Honor of ETTU since 2014. 


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