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European Youth Championships - 15 Jul 2017

Russia, France, Romania and Germany safely through the top 16

Photo: Henk HOMMES

STAG 2017 European Youth Championships


Russia’s Ekaterina ZIRONOVA, Elizabet ABRAAMIAN, Natalya MALININA and Arina SLAUTINA, scored 9:0 in three matches and booked top spot in Group A of the Cadet Girls Team’s Event at the 2017 STAG European Youth Championships.


In Group B France lost are also impressive with 9:1 score and wins over Turkey, Belarus and Poland. In direct clash for second position Turkey overcame Belarus.


“We played with the same team last year too. Girls improved from that time. They played in the final of the French Open this year. Our pairings Ece HARAC and Ozge YILMAZ work perfectly in doubles, so we also expect success in second part of the tournament,” said coach Halil ADAK.


Romania is at the top of the group C, but they were stretched to full distance twice, against Ukraine and Sweden. However, the only team that lost 3:0 against Romania, reached the second position in the group. It is Croatia.


“The hardest match was the one against Romania. We suffered defeat yesterday and that is why was very difficult for me to play at the beginning of todays duel against Ukraine. Hanna LONCAREVIC lost her match and I was not playing well at first against Iolanta YEVTODII. Latter I was more aggressive,” said Hana ARAPOVIC.


Germany is at the top position in Group D, whilst Czech Republic is second.

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