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World Championships - 1 Mar 2016

PRIMORAC still enjoys the game

Photo: ITTF

Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships


Led by young star Andrej GACINA and guided by legendary Zoran PRIMORAC, Croatia is in the race for the quarter final position in Men’s Event at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Kuala Lumpur. In Group D they suffered defeats against Korea and Hong Kong, but beat Romania and Italy to reach the third position in the group before the last match in first phase.


“We needed just one game to beat South Korea…we were so close. In addition we faced a setback against Hong Kong; TAN Riuwu suffered from hip injury. Luckily the meters went our way afterwards. Romania changed the team completely, but we found the good answer to that. PRIMORAC was perfect at the position no. three, Andrej GACINA established himself as a truly leader of the team, whilst Tomislav PUCAR and Frane KOJIC, both showed they matured for the big challenges,” explained coach Zvonimir KORENIC.


Andrej GACINA praised the PUCAR’s game after the victory over Italy’s Mihai BOBOCICA.


“It was the opening match and it gave us great boost. The start was very important. We played against each other last time in 2007, against completely different team and we did not know what to expect,” said GACINA who beat Niagol STOYANOV in the second match of the contest.


Zoran PRIMORAC had a slow start, but big fighter concluded the match against Marco RECH DALDOSSO victoriously.


“I am still struggling from the match against JOO Saehyuk. My arm hurts and it distracted me last night from the sleep. I could not have a rest; I was trying to find the good position, but failed. I started today’s match little bit nervous and I needed the time to settle into the rhythm against Marco,” explained PRIMORAC.


In 1987 in New Delhi PRIMORAC played his first ever World Championships and he won two medals in Doubles and Team’s Event. Now, in 2016 he is still full of energy and motive to compete at the highest level.


“I play because I enjoy it. Not to beat some record or to be at the Olympics for the eighth time. The right feeling is the one I feel now – there is no other place I would rather be, than here. I love to play and there is no better place but World Championships. On top of all, we have a good team spirit, nice boys in the team. IT is real pleasure to be in Kuala Lumpur.“



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