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Champions League Women - 16 Mar 2016

Froschberg forecasts new tough mental game in Berlin

Photo: PLOHE

Linz lost first ECLW semi-final match last Friday, but its team manager Robert RENNER stays optimistic regarding returning clash on April 1st


Double ECLW champion Linz AG Froshberg stays confident despite 3:2 home defeat against Berlin in the first semi-final game, held last Friday at the crowded Sportpark Lissfeld. Team manager Robert RENNER speaks:


“The strong performance of Linz was not rewarded, but the chance to go to the final is still alive. The sensation was in distance - we challenged the favourised team of Berlin until the end, and there was the chance to win in straight games also. At least the spectators were world class at this time again. They were able to change the Sportpark Lissfeld into a boiling pot.”


Berlin`s SHAN Xiaona had a crucial role in the first leg, defeating both Sofia POLCANOVA and LIU Jia, while Georgina POTA added the winning point against LIU who said:


“I was 100% inside the game from the first point, against Gina (POTA) I felt like the game was over before she realized the game already started. Sofia (POLCANOVA) had her chances but could not succeed at the end, maybe it is a little bit too much pressure to bring her potential on the table, but I`m sure she is the next big chance for Europe if she can bring her performance closer to her potential. But I was unbelievable happy for Iveta (VACENOVSKA), she had hard times to overlap, but to win against Petrissa (SOLJA) can give her the power to make it very good in the next months and this is what she really deserves."


Robert RENNER explains why he is still an optimist:


“The conclusion after the first leg is, that the winner of the second game might be the overall winner of the semifinal, the better individual performance will decide. It will be a tough mental game for the players, the clubs representatives and the spectators.”


Froschberg president Günther RENNER concluded:


“There is now so much pressure in the next game on the side of Berlin, that`s exactly what we tried to put on their shoulders. We are absolutely happy with the performance of our ladies, actually you could feel the tie between the fans and the team, both really want to see another game in Linz this season, we want it also!”

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