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European Youth Championships - 17 Jul 2016

KOLODZIEJCZYK and URSU beat the odds

Photo: Robert Valai

Cadet Boys Doubles Event


Against the odds, Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK of Austria and Vladislav URSU of Moldova clinched the gold medal at the Cadet Boys Doubles Event at the European Youth Championships in Zagreb. In the final they overcame Truls MOREGARDH and Martin FRIIS of Sweden in four games.


“We had wonderful championships here. We never put pressure on ourselves by thinking against whom we are going to play. They were all favorites, but we did not think about rankings. We played ball for ball, match for match,” said KOLODZIEJCZYK.


“We beat Azerbaijan’s pairing’s after we were 2:0 down. After that we exploded,” said URSU.


Top seeds Vladimir SIDORENKO and Maksim GREBNEV excided earlier then their rankings predicted. Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK of Austria and Vladislav URSU of Moldova prevailed in four games.


“They are better players and they were top seeds, but we did not think about it. We were focused on our game. We did not give up, even in the moments when they were on their way back into the match,” explained Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK.


The pairings teamed up at the beginning of the season and clinched silver in Italy.


In other semi final Truls MOREGARDH and Martin FRIIS of Sweden justified their rankings and beat Lilian BARDET and Jules CAVAILLE of France.


“We were very motivated. French players are very good, but we were more consistent. Also our team spirit is very high. We cheered and pushed further each other,” explained Martin FRIIS.





Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK (Austria), Vladislav URSU (Moldova) - Truls MOREGARDH, Martin FRIIS (Sweden) 3:1 (11:9, 7:11, 12:10, 11:7)

Semi Final


Lilian BARDET, Jules CAVAILLE (France) - Truls MOREGARDH, Martin FRIIS (Sweden) 1:3 (6:11, 11:7, 6:11, 3:11)


Vladimir SIDORENKO, Maksim GREBNEV (Russia) - Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK (Austria), Vladislav URSU (Moldova) 1:3 (8:11, 11:8, 9:11, 9:11)


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