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European Youth Championships - 9 Jul 2016

Belarus team maintained the winning pace

European Youth Championships

Top seeds at the European Youth Championships in Zagreb, Romania, recovered from yesterday's shocking defeat against Belarus to clinch the victory against Bulgaria. However, that was insufficient to keep them on position no. one in the group. Belarus recorded victory over Czech Republic and reached the second phase of the Junior Girls Event from the top spot.


“I came here slightly injured and I still feel the pain in my arm. Yesterday, we were under severe pressure and we cracked against Belarus. Today, everything looks much better. I needed this victory to recover my self-confidence” explained Europe’s no. one junior Adina DIACONU.


Top seeds in Group B, France justified their position. In third match they recorded third victory. Last in line of their victories was Ukraine.


“I played free from pressure, because we already beat Spain our toughest adversaries,” said Lucie GAUTHIER.


In the direct clash for second position, Croatia beat Spain. In nerves wrecking five matches duel ZHANG Xuan Xu won both her matches for Spain, but Ema MARN, Klara CAKOL and Andrea PAVLOVIC kept the spirit high and sought for chances in other duels.


“We were under pressure, but we knew we have to stayed focused. Every point was important,” said PAVLOVIC.


With three wins in Group C Russia concluded the first stage of the Event at the top. After wins over Hungary and Belgium, today they beat Turkey. On their way to the top the team lost only one point, against Belgium. Turkey failed to put the pressure on Maria MALANINA, Valeria SHCHERBATYKH and Daria CHERNORAY.


“This match was very important for us. We were very focused and we continued with the good performance we already showed on the opening day. I did my best,” said MALANINA. “We are at the position we planed. With such good team we are very confident we can achieve good result.”


In the same Group Belgium finished at the second position. Today they beat Hungary.


“We knew each other very well. We had played against each other three times in the recent past. My opening win was very important. We still improving our game here, but generally I am happy with the performance today. However, I was not very happy with my game yesterday. I won two and lost two matches in duels against Russia and Turkey.”


Belgium beat Turkey in a full five matches encounter day earlier.


In Group D, the position of Germany never was under threat. After victories over England, Sweden and Poland they justified their status.


“I had a shaky start today against Emily BOLTON; I struggled to find the rhythm at the beginning, but all finished well. I hope we can get to the semi final of the Event, but Belarus is the clear favorite,” said Julia KAIM.


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