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European Games - 15 Jun 2015

Czech Republic clinched first TT medal in Baku

Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images

Iveta VACENOVSKA, Renata STRBIKOVA and Hana MATELOVA won bronze

The bronze medal contest between Czech Republic and Ukraine ended in favor for Czech team. Led by Iveta VACENOVSKA, girls put aside yesterday’s defeat against Germany and in great style clinched bronze. 

It was Iveta who gave her teammates good start. She overcame Tetyana BILENKO in the opening duel and she was the player to seal the match with the victory over Ganna GAPONOVA. Margaryta PESOTSKA scored the only point for Ukraine against Renata STRBIKOVA , whilst Hana MATELOVA and STRBIKOVA overcame Tetyana BILENKO and Ganna GAPONOVA in doubles. 

“It is always 50/50 when we play against each other. Recent results shows the same; we beat them at the European Championships in Lisbon and they beat us at the World Championships in Tokyo,” reminded us VACENOVSKA. ”Nevertheless, I knew if we play at our best level, we do not have to worry. I felt we could win.”

Doubles brought important point: ”It was crucial for the victory. With this system you never knows who will play and against who,” said VACENOVSKA.

MATELOVA added:” It is very hard to make a tactics when you do not know who will be your adversary. The only thing is certain, is doubles.”

However VACENOVSKA stated it is not such a bad thing after all: ”To be honest, this system works for us in Baku. I have to admit that.” 

On their way to the medal rostrum, opening was the hardest.

“To play against Austria was very difficult for VACENOVSKA. That was the very important match for us,” said MATELOVA.

Iveta explained further: ”I live and play for 12 year in Austria. I live in Linz and I had to play against my teammates. In addition, we never had won against Austria. I finally changed the course of history.” 

In quarters Czech Republic beat France:” We won the medals twice at the European Championships, but so far we never beat the team with two players coming from China. With GRUNDISCH they are really powerful.”

Speaking about defeat against Germany in semis, there was no place for regrets.

“They are strong team. Maybe it is little unfair that we lost 3:0, especially losing Doubles since we were in lead in every game…Most important thing is that we get over it. We forgot the defeat and focused ourselves to bronze medal match.”

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