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European Youth Championships - 18 Jul 2015

Maria TAYLAKOVA successful in the singles and doubles

Photo: Roman BENICKY

Player from Russia secured four medals in Bratislava


On the ultimate day at the Cadet Girls Singles Event of the European Youth Championships in Bratislava in the semi final will play Maria TAYLAKOVA of Russia, Lucie GAUTHIER of France, Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania and Stina KALLBERG of Sweden.

In the quarterfinal TAYLAKOVA overcame Tatiana KUKULKOVA of Slovakia 4:1 (-9, 5, 5, 5, 1), whilst GAUTHIER prevailed against Kastiaryna VAKHLIYEVA of Belarus 4:0 (6, 4, 9, 5). KALLBERG beat Zdena BLASKOVA of Czech Republic 4:2 (6, -7, 8, -10, 7, 3), and DRAGOMAN prevailed against Kristina KAZANTSEVA of Russia 4:2 (8, -8, -7, 8, 5, 13). 

In the semis of the Cadet Girls Doubles Event will play, again, Maria TAYLAKOVA of Russia and Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania against Ema MARN and Andrea PAVLOVIC of Croatia, whilst Katarzyna WEGRZYN and Anna WEGRZYN of Poland will meet Tania PLAIAN Romania and Elina RUB of Russia.

In the quarterfinal, top seeds, the combination of Romania and Russia beat Katarina STRAZAR and Aleksandra VOVK of Slovenia in straight games (9, 4, 6). MARN and PAVLOVIC needed one more game to prevail against host nation’s Ema LABOSOVA and Nikoleta PUCHOVANOVA (13, 10, -10, 8). In the lower half of the draw Katarzyna and Anna WEGRZYN beat Annastasia KOLISH and Kristina KAZANTSEVA of Russia 3:1 (9, 9, -6, 2), whilst PLAIAN and RUB overcame Leili MOSTAFAVI and Lucie GAUTHIER of France in the full distance duel 3:2 (9, -7, 6, -7, 6).

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