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European Youth Championships - 14 Jul 2015

Juniors booked their places for World Championships

Photo: Roman BENICKY

Top five nations from Bratislava plus France, as a host, will play at the WJC


Today, not only that the new champions at the European Youth Championships will be crowned, but we have matches for promotions concluded, as well as the duels for the place at the World Championships. 

Five top teams from Bratislava booked their place for the World Championships. One place is reserved for the host and since France will organize the Global gathering, six European countries will be at the list. French juniors are at the both events among top six; in Junior Girls, France overcame Sweden in the match for fifth position. Tickets for World Championships also booked: Belarus, Romania, Turkey, and Russia.

In Junior Boys Teams Event France is in the final, so both Russia and Italy, the teams that secured fifth and sixth position will play at WC. Poland, Slovenia and Sweden are there too.

In Junior Girls Teams Event Ukraine beat Switzerland in the match for 15th place and First Division. Switzerland lost and they will play in Second Division. Next year in Zagreb, Czech Republic will play in top Division, since they won the match for 17th place.

In Junior Boy’s Teams Event Belarus is 15th so they stay among Top 16, whilst Croatia goes down, one step lower. Turkey won the match for 17th position.

In cadet Boys Teams Event England is 15th, after they beat Belarus in ultimate duel at the Championships. Belgium won the match for 17th position.

In cadet Girls Teams Event Italy beat Turkey for 15th position. Hungary is 17th. 

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