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The Europe Cup (previously ETTU Cup) is the second most important continental tournament for clubs in European table tennis, after the European Champions League.

The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) has organised this cup since the 1964-65 season for men teams, and also for women teams a year later.

The first Men`s Europe Cup winner was German DJK Sportbund Stuttgart, but the most successful club in the first decade was Slavia Prague who took three titles in a row (1966-1968).

Twelve different clubs from six countries have clinched the title in the last 12 seasons: Angers Vaillante (2008), SV Pluderhausen (2009), Fakel Gazproma Orenburg (2010), Chartres ASTT (2011), Borussia Düsseldorf (2012), UMMC Ekaterinburg (2013), FC Saarbrucken (2014), Eslövs Al Bordtennis (2015), Wienviertel Niederosterreich (2016), Stella Sport La Romagne (2017), K.S. Dekorglass Dzialdowo (Poland) and G.V. Hennebont T.T. (2019)

Stella Sport La Romagne overcame Vaillante Sports Angers in the 2016/17 final. It was third all-French final in the history of the competition, after Montpellier – Elan Nevers (2000/01) and Chartres - Levallois (2010/11).

K.S. Dekorglass Dzialdowo is the first ever ETTU Cup champion from Poland. They beat 2010/11 winner Chartres ASTT in the 2017/18 finals (twice 3:1). Two other Polish clubs have reached finals in the last six seasons: Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk (2012/13 runner-up) and Olimpia Unia Grudziadz (2014/15).

This season G.V. Hennebont T.T. clinched the title for a first time. They overcame FC Saarbrücken Tischtennis. French Hennebont lost his second leg match gainst FC Saarbrücken Tischtennis, but they managed to clinch the title in Men’s ETTU Cup by overall result. In both legs hosts won by 3:1, but French side had advanate by winning 19:16 in games.

Event Information

2019/2020 Europe Cup Men
22-24 May 2020
Pierre KASS (ETTU) Deputy Secretary General

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