Europe Youth Top-10 | 1 Oct 2023

Leana HOCHART Climbs to the Top in Under 15 Girls' Event

Photo: Cristi PREDA

The winner of the Under 15 Girls' event at the 2023 HEIDELBERG MATERIALS Europe Youth Top 10 is Leana HOCHART. The French player improved her status from last year, moving from the second position to the top spot in Bucharest with a clear record.

In four matches against Koharu ITAGAKI of Germany, Hanka KODETOVA of Czechia, Maria BERZOSA of Spain, and Josephina NEUMANN of Germany, Leana was pushed to go the full distance, but she emerged victorious.

“It feels so good to finish the tournament unbeaten. It was very hard, but this medal made it worth it. It will help me forget how tired I am now,” said Leana HOCHART.

Koharu ITAGAKI is second with three defeats. Besides HOCHART, she also lost to KODETOVA and NEUMANN. European champion KODETOVA also suffered three losses, falling to EYC silver medalists Nina GUO ZHENG of France, HOCHART, and Julia LEAL of Portugal.

  1. Leana HOCHART France 9/0

  2. Koharu ITAGAKI Germany 6/3

  3. Hanka KODETOVA Czechia 6/3

  4. Nina GUO ZHENG France 6/3

  5. Josephina NEUMANN Germany 5/4

  6. Gaetane BLED France 3/6

  7. Andrea JIFCU Romania 3/6

  8. Nora DOHOCZKI Hungary 3/6

  9. Julia LEAL Portugal 2/7

  10. Maria BERZOSA Spain 2/7