Europe Youth Top-10 | 1 Oct 2023

Elena ZAHARIA Reigns Supreme in Bucharest

Photo: Cristi PREDA

As the top-seeded player in the Under 19 event, European champion Elena ZAHARIA dominated in Bucharest at the 2023 HEIDELBERG MATERIALS Europe Youth Top 10. Over three days of competition in Romania's capital, Elena remained undefeated after nine rounds.

Elena ZAHARIA of Romania previously won the Under 15 event in 2019 in Dutch Noordwijk. However, since then, she came close but hadn't secured the Under 19 title, finishing third in Berlin 2020 and second in 2021 and 2022 in Tours. Now, she has achieved that goal.

“I already have the title in Under 15, and I was so close last year to win in Under 19. Now I made it. This is my last year, and from the beginning of the tournament, I was determined to win all the matches. Now I am focused on the forthcoming World Championships because last year, I was close to the medal podium there too, and now I want to reach it,” said ZAHARIA.

Mia GRIESEL of Germany secured the second position. She suffered losses to ZAHARIA and Clea DE STOPPELEIRE of France. Zuzanna WIELGOS of Poland finished third with the same match ratio, but she lost to Mia.

  1. Elena ZAHARIA Romania 9/0

  2. Mia GRIESEL Germany 7/2

  3. Zuzanna WIELGOS Poland 7/2

  4. Ioana SINGEORZAN Romania 5/4

  5. Clea DE STOPPELEIRE France 5/4

  6. Anna BRZYSKA Poland 3/6

  7. Bianca MEI ROSU Romania 3/6

  8. Ines MATOS Portugal 2/7

  9. Natalia BOGDANOWICZ Poland 2/7

  10. by Agathe AVEZOU France 0/9