Europe Youth Top-10 | 2 Oct 2022


After three days of fierce fights, the best players at the Europe Top 10 events in Tours are crowned tonight. In Under 19 events gold medalists is Iulian CHIRITA of Romania in Boy’s and Hana ARAPOVIC of Croatia in Girls Events. In Under 15 Boys event the winner is Flavien COTON of France and in Girls Event it is Bianca MEI ROSU of Romania.

The winner of the Europe Top 10 Under 19 Boys Event is Iulian CHIRITA. Romania’s player lost only one match at the tournament, against Andrea PUPPO of Italy. Italian player concluded the competition at the position no. two. Bronze medalists is Hugo DESCHAMPS of France. Both players lost two matches on their way to the medal rostrum.

Number one seed Andrei ISTRATE of Romania is fourth, followed by David SZANTOSI of Hungary, Dragos BUJOR of Romania, Mauro SCHARRER of Switzerland, Adam STALZER of Czech Republic, Borna PETEK of Croatia and Simon BELIK of Czech Republic.

The suspense in the Under 19 Girls Event lasted until the last round. Hana ARAPOVIC of Croatia beat Elena ZAHARIA of Romania to secure the highest step at the medal rostrum. Bronze medalists is Ioana SINGEORZAN of Romania with two defeats.

Anna BRZYSKA of Poland is fourth with four defeats in nine matches and 13 points. From fifth to tenth positions are: Lucie MOBAREK of France, Naomi PRANJKOVIC of Germany, Mia GRIESEL of Germany, Sara DEVOS of Belgium, Matilde PINTO of Portugal and Luciana MITROFAN of Romania.

Flavien COTON delighted the home crowd by winning the title in the Under 15 Boys Event. He lost only one match in three days competition to Julian RZIHAUSCHEK of Austria. Another French representative Nathan LAM is second with also only one defeat – against the winner of the tournament. Balasz LEI of Hungary is third with three defeats in nine matches.

Further at the final standings are William BERGENBLOCK of Sweden at position no. four, Samuel ARPAS of Slovakia at position no. five, Tiago ABIODUN of Portugal at the position no. six, RZIHAUSCHEK at position no. seven, Yoan VELICHKOV of Bulgaria is no. eight, Rafal FORMELA of Poland finished nineth and Jindrich MORAVEK of Czech Republic is tenth.

In the Under 15 Girls Event Bianca MEI ROSU of Romania justified her status. With only one defeat out of 9 matches no. one seed clinched gold. Bianka was defeated only in the match against Zofia SLIWKA of Poland. Leana HOCHART of France is second with three defeats. Lowest position on the medal rostrum was occupied by another young Romania’s player, Alesia SFERLEA. She also had six wins and three defeats on her record.

Josephina NEUMANN of Germany is fourth with also three defeats. With four defeats Gaetane BLED of France reached position no. five, followed by Lilou MASSART of Belgium, Maria BERZOSA of Spain, Elena KALAITTZIDOU of Germany, Zofia SLIWKA of Poland and Mariana SANTA of Portugal.