Europe Youth Top-10

Prithika PAVADE in good run at the European Youth Top 10   


Junior Girls Event 


unior Girls Singles Event at the European Youth Top 10 in Berlin brought thrilling matches today. After three rounds there are three unbeaten players, but they all finished the day tired from long matches. Prithika PAVADE of France, Sophia KLEE of Germany won all three matches, whilst Elena ZAHARIA of Romania played one less and won both. 


Host nation representative KLEE, needed full five games to overcame her team mate Ansatasia BONDAREVA, before she showed merciless performance against Reka BEZEG of Serbia 3:0. In the third round she overcame Helga DARI of Hungary.  


Prithika PAVADE beat Isa COK at the beginning of the day:”I am in a very god shape here. Since May I resumed my practice sessions. I work very hard on fitness and table tennis. Against COK was very difficult, because we are teammates and we know each other very well. In addition, we play here best of five matches and each point and game are important. We are all under pressure that we have to have good start.” 

Against BEZEG, PAVADE faced no difficulties, but it was different scenario against Anastasia BONDAREVA. 


I have problem with her game. She is lefthander and I am not used to players with such style. I have to risk more and to change my game in order to stop her,” explained PAVADE.  


Romania’s ZAHARIA overcame prevailed against Isa COK and BONDAREVA.  


It is very difficult to play at this moment. This year we did not have European Championships and I am missing open tournaments as well. It is hard to play at high level without real matches for months. Against BONDAREVA I had two games to null advantage, but at the third game at 9:9 she raised her game. Anastasia started to play tactically better, but I was not nervous and I finished the match in good style,” explained ZAHARIA.”I am here to win gold and I hope it will happen.” 


Junior Girls 

Round 3 

Helga DARI - Sophia KLEE 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11) 

Anastasia BONDAREVA - Elena ZAHARIA 2:3 (6:11, 4:11, 11:9, 11:6,5:11) 

Reka BEZEG - Prithika PAVADE 0:3 (9:11, 7:11, 6:11) 

Linda ZADEROVA - Darya KISEL 3:1 (18:16, 11:5, 9:11, 11:5) 


Round 2 

Prithika PAVADE - Anastasia BONDAREVA 3:1 (11:8, 8:11, 11:8, 13:11) 

Elena ZAHARIA - Isa COK 3:2 (7:11, 11:8, 6:11, 12:10, 11:6) 

Darya KISEL - Helga DARI 3:2 (10:12, 12:10, 8:11, 11:9, 12:10) 

Sophia KLEE - Reka BEZEG 3:0 (11:5, 11:7, 11:9) 


Round 1 

Reka BEZEG - Darya KISEL 2:3 (6:11,4:11, 11:8, 11:9, 7:11) 

Anastasia BONDAREVA - Sophia KLEE 2:3 (11:9, 8:11, 9:11, 11:5, 8:11) 

Isa COK - Prithika PAVADE 0:3 (4:11, 8:11, 10:12) 

Helga DARI - Linda ZADEROVA 3:2 (14:16, 9:11, 11:8, 11:4, 11:7)