Champions League Women | 12 Jun 2020

Polish KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg prepares new projects

Polish KTS Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg finished this season in top four clubs in European Champions League Women. The club shared top position with TTC Berlin Eastside, TT Saint Quentinois and Linz AG Froschberg.


How did you spend past few months?


"We spent this time like other people in Europe - mostly at home. We stayed in regular touch with our players to ensure they are safe and do for sport what is only possible, made a lot of physical training," explained Kinga STEFANSKA.


The players returned to the venues.


"We still have to respect hygienic restrictions, but situation is slowly coming to normal."


How did you finish the season in Polish league?


"Polish Federation decided to finish leagues and luckily we were on the first place. I have to say, on the other hand, that we won very difficult matches before beginning of pandemic so with the clear conscience - we deserve to become Polish Champions again. Hopefully, we will receive medals before a new season, as soon as it is possible and all our players can cross Polish borders. We plan to celebrate it with our fans in Tarnobrzeg."


What is the plan for next season?


"We are running some new marketing projects. Try to test some other solutions to promote table tennis and the team in the new season. It is still difficult to predict what will happen in Poland, Europe and World; I mean it can happen that we will be pushed to play without spectators in the venue so our manager Zbigniew NĘCEK is working really hard to put table tennis to regular TV agenda. Honestly - for a few years we've been talking about improving activity and promotion in TV and media, but had too less human resources. Marketing projects are focused on Polish League, many people would like to follow our matches and it is right time to do something in this direction. Champions League is in Polish TV already, but now is good opportunity to make another step forward."


The sporting plans?


"From the sport side - we will try to keep high level but as I said - a lot will depend on situation with COVID."


Who will play in club next season?


"It is still too early to answer this question," said player and PR Manager Kinga STEFANSKA.