European Olympic Singles Qualification | 19 May 2024

Third time lucky: Yang WANG booked the last ticket to Paris

Photo: Hamza DURAKOVIC

The last ticket to Paris 2024 in the men's event at the European Olympic Singles Qualification in Sarajevo was won by Slovakia's Yang WANG. Previously, Panagiotis GIONIS of Greece, Milosz REDZIMSKI of Poland, Yaroslav ZHMUDENKO of Ukraine, and Vladislav URSU of Moldova had claimed their spots at the Olympics.

It was the third Olympic ticket to Paris match for Yang WANG. He beat Adam SZUDI of Hungary to secure his third appearance at the Olympic Games.

“I played ten matches here in five days. I can barely stand on my feet. I never lost my faith and I kept fighting. There is a big chance that I have already secured my place at the Olympics by the rankings, but I did not come here to lose. I came to fight and to win my place. After I lost, I went to my room to cool down and put my thoughts together. Then I came back and played point by point,” said WANG.

Today, he lost to Yaroslav ZHMUDENKO of Ukraine after previously beating Dimitrije LEVAJAC of Serbia and Juan PEREZ of Spain. In Stage 2, he lost the last match against Panagiotis GIONIS of Greece after victories over Benedek OLAH of Finland and Vladislav URSU of Moldova. In the group stage, he beat Nikola MIHAILOVIC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adam SZUDI of Hungary, and Anton LIMONOV of Ukraine.

“I thought before the match against SZUDI, there is no chance I will lose this one. Three times would be just too much,” added WANG. “Against Adam, we were both too tired, but as a player with a defensive style, I had more chances.”

In Stage 3, Adam SZUDI beat Lubomir JANCARIK of Czechia, Benedek OLAH of Finland, and Martin ALLEGRO of Belgium before he lost to Vladislav URSU in the match for the Olympic ticket. In Stage 2, SZUDI beat Paul DRINKHALL of Great Britain and lost to Mihai BOBOCICA of Italy. In the group stage, Adam SZUDI lost to Yang WANG and beat Nikola MIHAILOVIC of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Anton LIMONOV of Ukraine.