Champions League Men | 30 Mar 2024

OVTCHAROV: F4 is one of the most important events for us this season

The powerhouse of TTC Neu-Ulm will challenge the hosts of the Final 4 tournament, 1 FC Saarbrücken TT, right from the start of the competition. Dimitrij OVTCHAROV, Truls MOREGARDH, and Quadri ARUNA will face the hosts in the semifinal on Sunday, April 31st.

TTC Neu-Ulm remains undefeated in this Champions League season, losing only two individual matches in the duel against Dartom Bogoria Grodzisk Mazowiecki on their way to the Final Four.

"This will be a very interesting event. For the first time in history, the Final Four will be played in this format. For us, this is the last chance to win the title, and the first game against Saarbrücken will be very difficult, as the matches will be played at their home. The importance of this match is felt by all players, so we will try to give 120% to reach the final. All other teams are also very strong. This is only one or two games where anything can happen. We are looking forward to this tournament," said coach Dimitrij MAZUNOV.

World No. 11, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, was cautious with the expectations.

"There are four strong teams, including ourselves, with all having extremely strong lineups, pretty equal in strength, and the daily form will decide between victory and defeat among the three teams. Obviously, Wiener Neustadt is a bit of an underdog, but there's nobody to underestimate, and surprises can happen very quickly," said OVTCHAROV.

Speaking of the teams, Dimitrij said, "Saarbrucken is the reigning Champions League winner and a clear leader of the German league standings, having two very strong players: Darko JORGIC and Patrick FRANZISKA, and three other good players in position three. MURAMATSU was one of the best players last year in the German League. Düsseldorf, of course, has a very strong lineup with Timo and Dang, Anton... Our aim is, of course, to fight for the title for the club and for the players in the club. It is one of the most important events for us this season," stated OVTCHAROV.

Quadri Aruna added, "Winning against LIM from Korea in Singapore gave me huge confidence ahead of the Champions League Final Four. It's going to be a great event in Saarbrücken, probably one of the strongest Champions Leagues ever with four strong teams. I really hope and pray that we have our best days there."

For all those unable to attend the Final 4 in person, the matches will be broadcast live via except in some specific countries due to exclusive broadcasting agreements. 

Please refer to the list of channels below for viewing options in your country:

  • France (DROM-COM), Monaco, Andorra and Mauritius at L'Eqipue live 2: L'equipe  
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland:  
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan: V Broadcasting