Other Events | 1 Jun 2024

Hosts Reach the Quarterfinals After Fierce Battles in Beočin

Photo: Ismet Ademovski

In the 2024 Europe Trophy Grand Final of the Men’s event in Beočin, hosts Radnički 1972 Beočin managed to reach the quarterfinals after two long, thrilling duels that each ended in five matches. In the quarterfinals, they will meet Dutch team AC De Boer Taverzo. In other matches, Spanish team Arteal Tenis De Mesa will play against Croatia’s TT STK Starr, French team Lille Metropole will meet Slovakia’s Vydrany, and Slovakia’s STK Vyhne will face Greek team Panathinaikos.

In the last match in Group A, Arteal Tenis De Mesa, with Humberto MANHANI, Enio MENDES, and Francisco RUIZ, beat STK Vyhne, represented by Filip SZYMANSKI, Boguslaw KOSZYK, and Artur BIALEK.

In Group B, top-seeded TJ Geolog Roznava failed to reach the next stage. Panathinaikos, with French star Emmanuel LEBESSON, Konstantinos KONSTANTINOPOULOS, and Konstantinos ANGELAKIS, prevailed in both matches in the group. AC De Boer Taverzo, with Milo De BOER, Yannick VOSTES, and Yevhen PRYSHCHEPA, finished second.

In Group C, ASD TT Santa Tecla Nulvi also failed to justify their position. Lille Metropole, with Tamas LAKATOS, Bastien DUPONT, Fabio RAKOTOARIMANANA, and Tom CLOSSET, emerged at the top of the group. From the second position, TT STK Starr, with Ronald REDJEP, Divyansh SRIVASTAVA, Rino VIDAN, and Petar ZNIKA, progressed to the quarters.

In Group D, Radnički 1972 Beočin went the full distance twice. Mikhail PAIKOV, Marko PETKOV, and Bojan CREPULJA secured a place in the top eight. Vydrany’s Peter SEREDA, Zoltan LELKES, and Peter SEREDA joined them.