Development | 29 Apr 2024

Europe Youth Series Bosnia and Herzegovina commenced today in Sarajevo

Photo: Hamza DURAKOVIC

The Europe Youth Series Bosnia and Herzegovina kicked off today in Sarajevo at the Sport Arena in Hotel Hills Complex. The event brought together young athletes from across the continent just two weeks before the European Singles Qualifications for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games (scheduled from May 15th to 19th) to be played at the very same place.

The tournament began today with the Mixed Teams events in the Under 15 and Under 13 categories. In the Under 13 event, teams from Romania are seeded at position no. 1, followed by a mixture of players from Czechia, Slovakia, and Croatia at position no. 2, with Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina teams seeded at positions 4, 5, and 6.

In the Under 15 Mixed Teams event, there are 12 teams, once again with Romania leading the seedings. Slovakia/Croatia is seeded at no. 2, followed by Croatia 1, Czechia, Serbia, Croatia 2, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1, Slovenia, Sweden, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 and 2.

In singles, there are 56 boys and 56 girls in the Under 15 category, while in the Under 13 category, there are 22 boys and 20 girls.

For pictures from the event, you can visit here