Europe Youth Top-10 | 1 Oct 2023

Tiago ABIODUN Secures Another European Title

Photo: Cristi PREDA

Crowned European champion in Gliwice earlier this year, Tiago ABIODUN of Portugal claimed another title in Bucharest, emerging as the winner of the Under 15 event at the 2023 HEIDELBERG MATERIALS Europe Youth Top 10.

As the top-seeded player from Portugal, ABIODUN lived up to his status by remaining unbeaten throughout three days of matches.

“I am so happy and proud, especially since I won the tournament without any defeats in nine rounds. It was hard to play over the past three days in such fierce competition. I think I played my best table tennis. If I have to rate it – I will give it a 10,” said ABIODUN.

Damian FLORO of Slovakia finished second with two defeats. Apart from ABIODUN, FLORO also suffered a loss at the hands of Julian RZIHAUSCHEK of Austria. Patryk ZYWORONEK of Poland, who lost to Tiago in the final in Gliwice, secured the third position. He lost to ABIODUN, FLORO, and Robert ISTRATE of Romania.

Under 13 European champion Danilo FASO of Italy created a few upsets in Bucharest, which propelled him to the fourth position.

  1. Tiago ABIODUN Portugal 9/0

  2. Damian FLORO Slovakia 7/2

  3. Patryk ZYWORONEK Poland 6/3

  4. Danilo FASO Italy 5/4

  5. Petr HODINA Austria 5/4

  6. Botond VARGA Hungary 4/5

  7. Robert ISTRATE Romania 4/5

  8. Julian RZIHAUSCHEK Austria 2/7

  9. Nathan PILARD France 2/7

  10. Sandro CAVAILLE France 1/8