Development | 17 Nov 2023

Danish Table Tennis Federation to Host Career Day

The Danish Table Tennis Federation is set to host a Career day on November 18th, offering insights into building a successful career in the sport. The event will feature workshops, lectures, and personal stories from prominent figures in the table tennis world.

The workshop titled "Making a career plan - where do you want to be in five years?" will be hosted by Linus MERNSTEN and Magnus MALLANDER, coaches of the Danish national team. Martin Buch ANDERSEN, a rising star in Danish table tennis at just 23 years old, will share his journey from starting in the Oberliga three years ago to becoming a player in the 2nd Bundesliga. His talk, "My career so far: decisions and turning points," promises valuable insights for young talents.

Former French national team player and professional in the French Pro A, Marie MIGOT, will provide a unique perspective in her talk, "A leap of faith: my life as a professional and French national team player."

Peter ROSENMEIER, a two-time Danish Paralympic champion and renowned media personality in Denmark, will lead a lecture and workshop on "Dealing with media, self-marketing, and how to negotiate contracts. Lessons from a life in the limelight." Rosenmeier's expertise promises to be particularly insightful for athletes navigating the complexities of media exposure and contract negotiations.

The career day is part of an ongoing project by the Danish Table Tennis Federation to educate young athletes about the intricacies of building a career in table tennis. The initiative aims to help athletes visualize a path for themselves beyond their junior years, fostering a supportive environment that discourages dropout rates in the sport.

Through a combination of personal stories, expert advice, and interactive sessions, the career day endeavors to empower the next generation of table tennis stars and equip them with the tools they need for a long and successful career in the sport.