Member Associations | 24 Nov 2023

Andreas HAIN is the new DTTB President

Andreas HAIN is the new President of the German Table Tennis Association. The 57-year-old succeeds Claudia HERWEG, who did not seek re-election after one term due to cancer. Besides the top position, there were no changes to the Executive Committee.

Dr. Hans-Jürgen HACKENBERG remains the Vice President responsible for finances, Heike AHLERT has been re-elected as the head of competitive sport, Ralf TRESSELT is responsible for youth sport, and Arne KLINDT remains responsible for sports development. President HAIN'S cabinet is completed by Honorary President Hans Wilhelm GÄB and the two full-time employees, General Secretary Matthias VATHEUER and Sports Director Richard PRAUSE.

The new President HAIN has dedicated himself to table tennis for decades in various roles. The 57-year-old has been a member of the executive committee in Hesse, one of the largest DTTB regional associations, since 2003 and was the Vice President of Competitive Sports there for 13 years before becoming President. The former second division player and B-licence coach worked for the table tennis company JOOLA for a long time as Managing Director and previously as Promotion Director. He is still the long-standing President of the Federation of International Table Tennis Manufacturers, FIT.

Since 2017, he has worked as the manager of the German women's record champions TTC Berlin Eastside. He also still actively plays table tennis himself. At the Bundesliga club TTC RhönSprudel Fulda-Maberzell, the father of a family is competing at the district level this season.