Development | 30 Mar 2023

The Hennebont Ping Center has launched the application process for joining its Academy

Hennebont Ping Center, which is identified as an "ETTU network training center,"  and later this year will be hosting an ETTU u-15/u-17 Development Camp from 10th till 16th December, has launched the application process for joining its Academy, a 10 months training program open to athletes from 11 to 18 years old starting in September 2023.

Located in the west part of France close to the Atlantic Ocean coast, the Academy benefits from unique infrastructures in Europe thanks to the Hennebont Ping Center (30 tables in training set up, fitness and medical center...) and its dedicated accommodation center of 32 rooms.

Based on 20 years of expertise from the French professional club of Hennebont, each athlete is followed academically and sportingly by a team of specialists (doctor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, physical trainer...), all through an individualized program, leaded by Adrian CRISAN officiating as Head of Performance.

Under the motto "Excellence for all", the training group will be composed by 35 players, starting from intermediate players to top youth athletes such as Iulian CHIRITA (ROM). Academy members have the opportunity to compete mostly every WE in the French Championship for individual and team events.

When entering the Academy, 2 schooling options are available: keep following your own national education program by taking e-learning courses or joining the French school system thanks to our partnership with renowned private schools.

Being part of this Academy alongside more than 15 different nationalities offer a unique multicultural environment. This diversity is a wonderful opportunity for children to discover new languages, to enrich themselves culturally and to open up to the world.

For more info, please visit or contact Nicolas PETIT, Head of International Development, to

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